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brand Like a boss

Learn How To Create Visual Content Using Your Phone Or Kit Camera


Sound Like You?

Do you need new visuals for your social media just about every week or so?

Are you on a budget and can’t always afford a photographer or videographer?

Do you need a way to document your journey? Maybe you’re traveling or at a speaking engagement and want to document the process.

This Hands-On Workshop Just Might Be Your Solution!

2 Classes! 1 Day!


Live Interview & Flat Lay Demonstration on FOx 2

Meet mena darre

Professional Photographer & Videographer Specializing in Branding Visuals For Entrepreneurs & Influencers

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I attended Mena’s graphic workshop and it literally changed my life. I am in the midst of rebranding on social media and she showed me a lot of new techniques and gave me some much needed feedback. I learned in a short time how to create my own graphics that I know will take my business to the next level. I loved that she was so hands on and willing to answer questions specific to my brand. I can tell that Mena is passionate about the success of other entrepreneurs. This workshop helped me tremendously. I cant wait to show the world my new graphics and its all thanks to Mena Darre!
— Jas (Owner Of Girls With Goals And Co Host Of Pink Table Talk)
I loved that she shared information without a doubt I know will be helpful. She didn’t mind giving tips and tricks that she used as a professional. That hands on experiences were great. I really enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to attending another Mena Darre Event.
— Kym (Makeup Artist and Vlogger)
Mena was so informational and so personable. I think making it relatable to us was great because you see people on social media and you don’t think they have a personality but she was personable and relatable and she did a wonderful job.
— Brandi (Blogger)
I had 1 on 1 grind session with Mena and she gave me pointers on how to tighten up my business! I left feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to get Monie Christo all the way together! 
— Simone (Owner Of Monie Christo)
Thank you Thank You Thank You Mena. She is so very inspirational, motivational, and knowledgeable about everything she teaches. Flat Lays 101, Graphics 101, and Marketing 101 was everything. I learned so much today. I have a list of homework assignments that I jotted down that I am going to do tonight. This class is not just for beginners we had people who been in business for 18 years. So whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years this is still a great class to take. I had lots of fun. I networked with lots of people. I just want to tell her thank you and she did such an amazing job.
— Neia (Owner Of Just A Girl Cosmetics)