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brand like a boss


This is so me!

1. You don’t know how to use social media for business

2. You struggle with creating visuals for your business

3. You don’t have the budget for a professional graphic designer

4. Would like to run social media ads but don’t know where to begin

5. Want to understand how to maximize your insights #NumbersDontLie

6. Want to get a better understanding of marketing and attracting the right clients to increase your sales

this class will instantly upgrade your

Social Media Marketing


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 what are they saying about their experience?

Attending Brand Like a Boss was definitely what I needed to take my visuals marketing to the next level. It was easier than I expected and I’m confident about the content I will use on social media platforms now. Also it was great & inspiring to network with other reminded bosses! Thank you Mena you are doing an amazing thing!
— Ashjia (Owner Of Wraggs To Riches)
I really didn’t k ow what to expect when coming into this workshop. As a newly graduated Esthetician looking to get my business off the ground and running I felt like I was all over the place. I didn’t know where to begin. I seen that Mena had this workshop coming up and I’m like I need all the knowledge I can get. I’m soooo glad I made that boss move! The workshop was verrry informational and I walked a way with a lot of nuggets. It won’t be my last workshop with her!!! Thanks Mena!! You rock black girl!!
— Kristin Maxwell
Attending the Brand Like A Boss workshop was a life changing experience for me. I didn’t know how make my pictures look professional, edit them, or create promotional material. I was able to get advice and ideas from other entrepreneurs. My knowledge from the workshop has me working on expanding into other areas of business. Surely an investment in myself and my company.
— Kendra Randle (Owner Of My Haute Soles)
I purchased the VIP package for Mena’s Brand Like a Boss Workshop. I knew I wanted to gain valuable information, but also give my brand a facelift and provide different content. Mena offering the VIP Package allowed me to do just that. Mena is informative and relatable. Always eager to give information so that other content creators can enhance their brand or business. During my mini photo shoot, she made me feel confident and ensured me that I had some good shots to choose from. Outside of her doing a phenomenal job at speaking and photography, Mena is supportive and wants everyone to win. You can’t beat that in a boss!
— Kimberly Wyms, Founder of The Mark of Beauty by Kim
I attended Mena’s graphic workshop and it literally changed my life. I am in the midst of rebranding on social media and she showed me a lot of new techniques and gave me some much needed feedback. I learned in a short time how to create my own graphics that I know will take my business to the next level. I loved that she was so hands on and willing to answer questions specific to my brand. I can tell that Mena is passionate about the success of other entrepreneurs. This workshop helped me tremendously. I cant wait to show the world my new graphics and its all thanks to Mena Darre!
— Jas (Owner Of Girls With Goals And Co Host Of Pink Table Talk)
The brand like a boss workshop was very helpful to me. I loved how you were very professional and respected everyone’s time. In addition, I enjoyed the hands on practice. I also like how you continue to give different tips each and every week.
— Danielle Lee