Mena Darré
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speaking or host a workshop

Not only is Mena Darre a photographer/videographer but she is also a certified teacher in the state of Missouri. Mena is currently teaching entrepreneurship and photography to local middle and high schools through her program, Teen Boss. Mena has also taught and hosted her own workshops on a variety of topics such as photography and videography with your smart phone, flat lays, graphics 101, social media marketing, email marketing, and brand identity. Mena is no stranger to teaching. If you would like Mena to teach a class or to speak on a panel CLICK HERE.

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pick my brain and or coaching

Do you need to quickly pick Mena’s brain? Maybe you just have a question related to business or even a questions about your visuals? CLICK HERE to book a 15 consultation session.

Are you in need of guidance while growing your business? Do you feel stuck? Can’t seem to get from Point A to Point B in your business? Do you have a business idea but can’t seem to make a sale. Lets chat! CLICK HERE to fill out a coaching form.

Photo/video services

Are you in need of a professional photographer or videographer? Mena specializes in branding, business professionals, and special occasions. Mena knows exactly what you need to help tell your story in a powerful and dynamic way. CLICK HERE To Inquire About Photography And Videography Services.