5 Ways To Help You Find Your Purpose


Start and embrace your journey

I am pretty sure you’ve seen it, “Find Your Purpose. Live A Purpose Driven Life.” But the question is how in the world do you possibly find your purpose? I’ll most definitely tell you that it does not happen on accident. Finding your purpose comes with taking steps forward to do so. Nothing happens on accident, it all occurs with divine timing and actionable steps. Remember, “Faith without works is dead.” You truly have to lace up your sneakers and hit the ground running. It took me years to truly find my purpose, which is to educate and create opportunities for others. Many people know me as being a photographer but my purpose goes deeper than that. Photography is what I do but it is not who I am. I am an educator, creator, motivator, and leader; which all plays a role in my purpose. But Mena, how did you find your purpose? I’m glad you asked. Below are 5 Action Steps I did to help me live a purpose driven life.

  1. Log Off. We all know that social media has it’s pros and cons. Social media allows us to stay connected with friends and family and it is also a free platform to help businesses market all around the world. Powerful right? Yes and no! Social media has the power to damage our confidence and self-esteem. Sheesshh, social media can truly have you down and out. Try doing a social media fast to help you stay focused on YOU and only YOU. You can’t possibly find your purpose if you’re focused on other people. Delete your app from your phone and have a friend change your password, that way you are forced to stay off social media. During the time you are off of social media, spend time with yourself, and truly get to know who you are as an individual. You can do that by journaling, meditating, and spending time alone. Try reading a book or going for a walk in the park.

  2. Do What You Enjoy. Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing. It could be cooking, volunteering at your church, skating, organizing, designing clothes, typing, painting, etc. Make a list and start doing more of what you enjoy on the day to day or week to week basis. You never know, your hobbies, and what you enjoy might actually be your purpose.

  3. Try Something New. I never saw myself working with kids but here I am. I was a fitness trainer and health coach for millennial women when I first started my entrepreneur journey. A year after I graduated with my B.S. in Exercise Science, I came across a health and fitness job in San Diego, California for overweight teens. I jumped on the opportunity because it was in California; not because I wanted to work with kids. Who would have thought that I would be great with kids, I know for sure not me or my mom. When I returned home to St. Louis I ended up enrolling into graduate school and earned my Masters in Teaching Health Education. For a couple of years I taught health education, sex education, and physical education to teen girls. Trying something new exposed me to my true purpose, education. I now have an organization, Creatives Of Tomorrow, were we educate and motivate teens to explore entrepreneurship. I encourage you to try something that you never thought you would be good at or even interested in. It can truly be life changing.

  4. Purge. Clean out your house. Clean out your car. Clean out your phone. Delete files from your computer. Get rid of unworn shoes, clothes, accessories, and anything else that is just taking up space. How can you think straight with so much clutter? When you clean the space around you, you are also clearing space in your mind. Scientist have concluded that, “…the physical space competes for your attention, so the more the physical clutter, the harder it is to concentrate.” You can’t possibly concentrate on finding your purpose if your space is cluttered. Start your decluttering process TODAY.

  5. Attend Events Dedicated To The Purpose Driven Life. It’s always good to be around like minded people. Where do you find like-minded people? Usually at events that you are interested in and or events that will help you move forward. If you’re on a journey to find your purpose you should be attending events that are dedicated to walking into your journey and finding your purpose. These type of events will give you to tools and resources that are needed to living a purposeful life.

Are you on the path to finding your purpose? I want you to check out the Walk Into Your Journey Conference. This conference will help you to jumpstart your journey and to embrace the path that you are on. Living a purposeful life allows you to see more clearly. When I found my purpose, I was finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can actually be on social media and tune out the noise. Social media will have you dazed and confused so be careful. Remember, log off if you find yourself defeated. Found this blog helpful? Be sure to share in the comments and don’t forget to share with your friends. Thank you boss.

Photo Credit: Tracy Jane Weidel Photography