10 Tips To Help You Prepare For mastHERclass

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“A Day Of Application”

with Keisha Mabry & Friends

Wow! mastHERclass is almost here. Are you prepared? Is that fear starting to creep in? The fear of being in the room with so many new faces. Not really sure how to break the ice? Yikes! I’ll admit I’ve been there. I’m an introvert but has learned over the years to be an extrovert at social events. My very first conference I attended by myself in 2016. I flew to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Blogalicious and guess what? I didn’t know not one single person. I pretty much had to figure things out on my own. I threw myself into deep water and was forced to learn how to swim. I was terrified but I made it through. The interesting part is that the people I connected with from Blogalicious Atlanta landed me a paid job for Blogalicious Miami 2017. That’s what happens when you do things scared. Since 2016 I’ve attended events that have ranged from 20 people to 13,000 people and each one gets better and better simply because I am better prepared. Here are a few tips that I think you will find helpful to help you prepare for mastHERclass.

  1. Be On Time. Doors open at 8:30am and the event begins at 9:30am. You need to be parking and walking inside the building between 8:30am and 9:00am. Wake up early. Grab your smoothie or coffee. Get the kids off to school. Showing up at 9:30am is not on time. You’re late. Get there early so you won’t feel discombobulated. We all know that feeling of running late. Blood pressure goes up. The sweaty armpits. The hair is looking crazy from running across the parking lot. We are not doing that on March 8th. Plan accordingly.

  2. Come With A Connection Goal. It will be over 200 people at mastHERclass, how many people do you want to connect with? You don’t need to connect with all 200 people however you need to connect with a handful. Even though we are there to learn come with the intention to network and connect with like-minded women. You never know what friendships, partnerships, and collaborations that can form by connecting with others.

  3. Be Quiet And Be Open To Learning. Sis, you signed up for mastHERclass class for a reason. YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING! Sometimes we miss the information we need because we are busy running our mouths. Sorry sis, you don’t always have to speak and share your story. Sometimes you can receive so much more if you just be quiet. Not saying that speaking and sharing isn’t important but it’s also a time and place to do so.

  4. Positive Vibes Only. I shouldn’t have to say this but it’s always that one person. We are bringing nothing but good vibes and magical energy to mastHERclass. Leave the dark cloud outside the building. You cannot learn or connect when you’re being a Negative Nancy.

  5. Respect The Speakers. Speakers are viewed as celebrities of the events. We want to ask them a million and one questions. We want to take pictures with them. We want to sit next to them at the table. Please keep in mind yes they are here to pour into us but the speakers are still human. They also need time to think, relax, and get their thoughts in order. Be sure to respect the space of the speakers and be mindful that they too are human.

  6. Have Ice Breakers In Your Back Pocket. Breaking the ice seems so scary. Trust I understand. My go to ice breaker is complimenting someone. I mean come on now, who doesn’t like compliments? Hey, I love your shoes. Girl, come through with this outfit. So now I've made them smile and I opened the door for conversation. Here are a few other ice breakers you might find helpful. Introducing yourself. Asking people where they are from. Maybe finding something you all have in common (Side Note: At Blogalicious I saw someone with a #MyTaughtYou Journal. I said something and it sparked a conversation). Keisha had a great one in her book, Hey Friend, “What’s your story?” Powerful right? Who knows what could come from that but you will never know if you’re operating in fear. Pull out your cell phone and make a note of a few ice breakers you can start using for mastHERclass. Side Note: Have your story ready. Someone might just ask you that question.

  7. Dress Nice. When we feel our best it instantly boosts our confidence. I’m not saying to go out and go broke trying to buy a really expensive outfit. All I’m saying is put in some extra effort on your outfit, hair, makeup, and nails. Scientific studies have shown that when people feel good about what they are wearing and are well groomed it is a confidence booster. When you feel good about your appearance you are self-assured, refreshed, and you are more likely to have a positive attitude.

  8. Get Social. There will be plenty of photo ops and opportunities for you to post on social media. Go Live, take pictures, and share your boomerangs. When you post on social use #mastHERclass. Using the hashtag will allow you to connect and follow others who are also attending the event.

  9. Use Your Time Wisely. We will literally be at mastHERclass for about 8 hours. How will you use your time? Remember come early so you can start working on your Connection Goals (see #6). During snack breaks and lunch be sure to sit with a new friend and connect with others. If you’ve been wanting to connect with someone try to find her during that break time. You might not get another chance.

  10. Connecting After mastHER class. When mastHERclass ends you’ll be released on your own. It will be and the 50 business cards you collected. What will you do? Well here are a few suggestions. Within 72 hours send out emails simply saying, “Hey! It was a pleasure connecting with you at mastHERclass. Let's stay connected. ” If you two conversed about something, in particular, be sure to share that so they can remember who you are. Side Note: Don’t collect and pass out business cards just for the hell of it. Be sure to actually connect and have meaningful conversations. It’s not always about the quantity but more so the quality and value you two can provide to one another.

Positive Affirmations: I will have a great time at mastHERclass. I will make meaningful and life-long connections. There is magic in my story. I am a confident woman who is connecting, learning, and executing.

P.S. If you see that someone is shy or flew to St. Louis alone to be a part of mastHERclass, welcome her. When I attended Blogalicious it was the people that I connected with who made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Be a leadHER and help HER out.

I hope you found these 10 Tips helpful and insightful. No matter if this is your first, second, or tenth conference, workshop, or networking event. I want you to walk into mastHERclass with the mindset and confidence to connect and elevate. Enjoy sis and I’ll see you on Friday.

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