Branding Takeaways From Beyoncé's Film, Homecoming

Mena Darre, LLC does now own the rights to these photos.

Mena Darre, LLC does now own the rights to these photos.

Sheesshh!!! Beyoncé did it again. On April 17th, Homecoming, A Film By Beyoncé, dropped on Netflix, the matching album dropped on Tidal, and a full blown product page went live on her website. Beyoncé had the world buzzing all day long. When I finally sat down to watch Homecoming, the entire time I was thinking, “How can I be the Beyoncé of my industry?” If you were thinking the same thing check out what I came up with:

  1. What is Your Why?: Bey made history for being the first black woman to headline Coachella. That alone is enough to be her why for the creation of Homecoming. The performances were great but the messages she shared were even greater. Ask yourself, what is your why? Can you articulate your why? Does your brand reflect your why? Knowing and understanding your why will help keep your eye on the goal and it will help your audience to truly understand the meaning behind your brand.

  2. Be Pleasant: I loved how Beyoncé communicated with her team throughout the documentary. She appeared to be pleasant and respectful even under the pressure and stress of being a singer, performer, mom, and wife. Think about how you are interacting with others. Are you disrespectful to your clientele? Could you smile more? Are you being professional? Remember! People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

  3. Go To The Source: In business sometimes we will hold ourselves back because we may not know how to execute a particular task. Well if you didn’t know already, you are not responsible to know how to do everything. What you are responsible for is finding the person who knows what you need in order to push you forward. Beyoncé knew who and what she needed to pull off Homecoming; so it was no accident that she hired the HBCU choreographers and performers. Who do you need in order to move forward? What is their speciality? How can they help you get to the next level? Greatness doesn’t happen on accident; it takes strategic planning and execution.

  4. Document: Documenting your journey should be a part of your personal brand. Your audience wants to see the process, the struggle, the laughs, along with the tears. Showing your journey makes you relatable which is crucial in the know, like, and trust factor. Bey and her team did an amazing job documenting the days and months leading up to BeyChella. Homecoming gave us another reason to respect Bey even more but not just for her performance. Bey represented for the entrepreneurs, the black women, the moms, and the wives. As you go through your journey just know you don’t always have to give your fans a pretty package with a bow. I challenge you to go behind the scenes and share the beauty and the struggle with your audience. There is beauty in the process.

  5. Create A Dream Team: Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day and she did not make it to Coachella on her own. It took a solid team to help get her to this level of greatness. Bey has a team of managers, marketing experts, choreographers, musicians, designers, you name it. You might not need choreographers but think about the key people you need in order to brand like a boss.

  6. The Visuals: As a photographer and videographer I’m in awe. From the lights, to the color scheme, to the wardrobe, to the vintage film; she had my eyes glued to the tv. What are you doing to grab the attention of your audience? I challenge you to evaluate your website, fonts, logo, products, photos, and videos. Are you capturing the attention of your audience? Does your brand visuals match your brand message? Your visuals are just as important as your why.

  7. To Lit To Quit: You could hear Beyoncé in the film, “I need to go home.” The hard work. The dedication. The sleepless nights. The sweat. The tears. If you want to be the Beyoncé of your industry please do not expect it to always be roses and mimosas.

  8. Show Gratitude: Bey gave a special thank you to the women who opened up doors for her because she knew she wouldn’t be at Coachella if it wasn’t for them. When was the last time you said thank you? Are you practicing gratitude? Practicing gratitude should be a part of your business model. Gratitude alone will open up doors you didn’t even expect to be opened.

Bonus: Bring The Culture! Your personal brand should represent you and you ultimately represent your culture. Bey brought the black culture to Coachella and they showed up and showed out. Don’t ever think you have to change who you are in order to be respected or great. Now you might need a little polish but just know your gifts and talents will make room for you.

No matter if you’re a Bey fan or not; her business savvy is #GOALS. Beyoncé is a real live super hero. She had a C-section and was still able to bounce back to put on probably the greatest performance of her career. I absolutely have zero excuses. After watching Homecoming, I officially got #BeyGoals.

Are you planning to tackle one of these 9 takeaways? Let me know in the comments. There is always room for growth and elevation. Like Lauren London stated, “The Marathon Continues.”

Mena Darre, LLC, does not own the rights to the photos.

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