Incorporate These 9 Self Care Tips Into 2019

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Be honest with yourself.  In 2018 did you struggle with taking care of yourself? Did you find yourself sluggish on the regular basis? Were you always putting everyone else’s needs before your own? Did you even make it to the gym any this year? Were you stressed on the daily?  Did you get a check up with your primary doctor?  There are times when life gets a little hectic but taking care of yourself should always be your priority.  When you are not your best you cannot perform at your potential. So, you are going to leave those bad habits in 2018 and use 2019 to get back to taking care of you.  Below I shared 9 ways on how you can incorporate self-care into your 2019 routine. 


  1. Learn To Say No. Say no to going out of your way. Say no to your friend who wants to turn up every weekend. Say no to your child, bae, or even parent who seems to think you’re supposed to jump whenever they say jump. Saying no will give you the room to say yes to more of the things that bring you joy.

  2. Sit In Silence. We are all bouncing off the wall with a never ending to do list. When we are constantly on the go that means our nervous system is always stimulated. An over exerted nervous system can cause exhaustion, anxiety, and chronic stress. Sitting in silence can help to calm the body, lower your heart rate, and improve your emotional state. Find time in your busy day to just sit in silence. Silence your phone; hide in your car; lock yourself in your office, do what you have to do to find some quiet time.

  3. Water Before Coffee. Coffee, soda, and tea are all diuretics which causes you to urinate more. If these fluids are not replenished with it can lead to dehydration and increase your risk of urinary tract infections. So before you drink your caffeinated beverage be sure to drink water before and after. Plus consuming water will help the skin glow, reduce stress, and help maintain healthy kidneys. Side Note: I’m a little boujee. I prefer my water with lemon.

  4. Eat Better. The fast food, restaurants, and junk foods need to be consumed at a minimum. I know I know I know; you’re busy and don’t have time. I am guilty of it too however; we must make time to prepare healthier meals. Consuming high levels of sugar and fatty foods will lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol; pretty much all the things we don’t want. For the sake of your health you must make time to prepare fresh and healthier foods. Try meal planning and meal prepping at the beginning of every week. You can also try keeping healthy snacks on the go which will help fight the urge to purchase fast food. If you need help with your diet contact a nutritionist or health and fitness coach.

  5. Set Boundaries. This is actually one of my favorites on the list. You will come across people who may feel they are entitled to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. This could be a parent, friend, client, customer, supervisor, etc. Setting boundaries will allow you to help maintain healthy relationships with others and yourself. An example of healthy boundaries could include not talking about work once you’re clocked out. Another example could be placing your phone on silent after a certain time of day. Setting healthy boundaries will teach people to be more respectful of your mental, emotional, and physical state.

  6. Be Proactive With Your Health. Go see your doctor, your specialist, and your dentist. Only 54% of Americans see their physicians and 62% see their dentist. When you are proactive with your health you can prevent medical conditions and even death. If you do not have insurance be sure to contact your local clinics to see what options they may have.

  7. Take A Day Off. Statistics show that 54% of Americans entered into 2016 with unused time off. Vacation allows you to press the reset button, relieve stress, catch up on sleep, and it helps you to come back to work more productive. Statistics also show that women are more overworked than men. So what does that tell you? Ladies you need a vacation!

  8. Take Care Of Your Mental Health. If you follow my Personal Facebook Page you know I am a mental health care advocate. Before I quit my job I started therapy and without it I would not be in a good place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. I strongly dislike the negative stigma around therapy. Once you find a good therapist it can truly lead you down the path to healing. If you are not in a healthy mental/emotional state how can you possibly be your best self? If you’re battling anxiety, stress, suicidal thoughts, depression, death, or just simply can’t think straight contact a local therapist. One of my favorite resources is Therapy For Black Girls. Not only does Dr. Joy have a podcast but she also has a list of therapy directory. Be sure to check her out. -No this is not a paid advertisement-

  9. Let Go Of Toxic Relationships. Toxicity can come from family, friends, work relationships, significant other, and even your own children. In some instances you cannot simply walk away because the nature of the relationship; however, you can always love from a distance and put some space between you and the other person. If possible have a conversation with that person to discuss your concerns. Another option is therapy which is great because a good therapist would be able to guide the conversation in a healthy manner. I understand that these things may not even be an option but at least you can try to do your part. If therapy and conversations do not work, set boundaries, and do your best to not allow that toxic relationship to interrupt your peace of mind.


Not taking care of yourself is going to be left in 2018 and you’re going to start putting your needs first in 2019.  Now, taking care of yourself doesn’t mean neglecting your responsibilities but you have to find some sort of balance so you can be your best and give your best.   If this article inspired you to love on yourself a little more be sure to like, comment, and share. Thank you and take care.