I Am Crushing On These 5 Business Tools


I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for 20 months now and these are my absolute favorite tools. As a business owner it’s all about how can I make my personal and business life easier, effective, and more efficient. So here are my current top 5 absolute favorite tools.

  1. 17 Hats! I use 17 Hats to manage my inquiries, invoices, and client projects. I love it because it helps me to keep my business organized and it allows me to keep everything in one place. Each client has a profile so it allows me to house their invoice, to do list, email, and contact information all in one location.

  2. Arkon Mounts! Arkon provides live streaming tools to help consumers with their GO LIVE experience. I love my Arkon phone tripod because it’s sturdy and it can easily fit in my tote, suitcase, or camera bag. When you purchase your arkon mount be sure to use code menadarre at checkout to get 20% off your order.

  3. Mile IQ! Every entrepreneur needs Mile IQ! This easy to use app will allow you to track your mileage for work related trips. So when it’s time to file taxes you can use your mileage as a tax write off.

  4. Audible! Audible has literally saved my reading life. As an entrepreneur it’s difficult to find time to actually sit down and read. Having Audible allows me to listen to an audio book while in the car, taking a shower, ironing my clothes, or while I’m at the gym. If this is you be sure to check out Audible. So far I’ve listened to I’m Judging You, We’re Going to Need More Wine, I Can’t Make This Shit Up, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, Becoming, and What Great Brands Do. As of now I have zero complaints. Click Here to get 2 free Audio Books for free.

  5. Animoto! Animoto allows me to create quick and easy video content for my business. I’ve been using Animoto for about a year and it has been a great marketing tool. If you know how to use iMovie or Adobe Premiere this is 10 times easier. It’s literally drag and drop clips into your timeline. It’s so quick and easy! Be sure to check out Animoto and when you decide to purchase be sure to use my code MENA to get 10% off an annual business or professional plan.

What tools do you plan to check out? What are your favorite tools? Leave a comment below. If you found this blog post helpful be sure to like and share.

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