Mena Darré
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Meet Mena


Mena Darré has a Bachelors in Exercise Science, Masters in Teaching Health Education, and a Doctorate in following her dreams. Mena always knew she wanted more than just a 9 to 5.   Mena worked her way through college balancing her supervisory roles and her side hustles as a personal trainer and photographer.  After Mena graduated with her Masters she told herself that she would give herself 2 years before making that entrepreneurial leap.  Mena made that leap on June 2nd, 2017.  After 7 years of being in the health and fitness industry Mena closed that chapter and started writing a new one. Mena is now running Mena Darré Photo & Video and Creatives Of Tomorrow full time.

If you would like Mena to speak at your event or if you need mentoring be sure to CLICK HERE .